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DVIDS/U.S. Air Force

More than 5,000 people may come to the Fairbanks area over the next four years as part of the move to base two squadrons of F-35 fighters at Eielson Air Force Base. The latest estimate announced Monday is well above the previous estimate of 3,500. The bigger population increase is expected to place a greater burden on local services.

Dan Bross / KUAC

The flood that devastated Fairbanks 50 years ago this week had broad repercussions. The flood which displaced 7 thousand people, caused 80 million dollars in property damage, inspired creation of the national flood insurance program and prompted federal construction of the Chena Flood Control project. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the dam and levy system in North Pole regulate flow of the Chena River through Fairbanks in times of high water, ensuring there will never be another catastrophic flood.

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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The state Department of Fish and Game is warning pet owners in the Interior and southcentral Alaska about a recent spike in reports of tularemia – sometimes called “rabbit fever.” The disease is treatable, but it’s essential to get an animal to a veterinarian as soon as possible when they’re showing symptoms, like high fever.

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