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In this segment, members of the Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre perform in the Alaska Live Studios.  Members Lorri Heveveld, Shauna Gloria, Alvin Espejo, Birdie Wattum, Bekka Hunter, Kaitlyn Hammond, Karley Thrun, Ted Sponsel, Niko Floyd, and Sue Larsen present segments from the classic Broadway hit "Meet Me In St. Louis" directed by Mary Catherine Moroney.

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

An Army Corps of Engineers contractor completed cleanup work last week at an old pump station near Delta Junction that was part of a pipeline the military used decades ago to transport gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel from Haines to bases in the Interior.

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Oct 6, 2017

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Tim Ellis/KUAC

More than a quarter of the borough’s registered voters turned out Tuesday to reject two ballot measures and elect a slate of local-government and school board candidates.

Fairbanks city voters turned down a ballot proposition Tuesday that would’ve authorized property tax increases to make up for reduced state funding.

Voters in Fairbanks and outlying areas crushed two ballot measures that would’ve banned marijuana-related businesses from the city and borough.