Lori Neufeld

FM Music Director, Volunteer Coordinator, and host and producer of Alaska Live

Lori’s love for public broadcasting runs deep. She was raised on Car Talk, Morning Edition, A Prairie Home Companion, and later while studying wildlife biology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas,  she realized that if she helped answer phones during the fund drive at KMUW, she could meet and chat with the hosts of locally produced shows.

After moving to Alaska in 1999, she became more directly involved with community radio as a volunteer host at KTNA in Talkeetna. Hitting the airwaves solo for her first show was nerve-wracking and exhilarating, and she says she relives those feelings through the energetic and nervous first-time volunteers she trains for KUAC’s volunteer shifts and local programs.

As producer and host for Alaska Live on KUAC FM, she now researches music and musicians from such a variety of backgrounds and genres, and wrangles these musicians into the studio while making them feel at ease so they can perform at their best.  Now in her eighth year at KUAC, Lori still marvels at the support public broadcasting gets from listeners and the community, and feels lucky to be a part of it.

Ways To Connect

UAF Journalism professor Rob Prince interviews Edna MacLean. She is the author of the first comprehensive Inupiaq to English dictionary and was recently featured in UAF’s Aurora magazine.

Makenzie Dammert

Sounds of Home is Blackwater Railroad Company's newest CD. The band shared original songs from this release and stories of living in Seward, how the band met, their commitment to passing the joys of music on to the next generation and more. Sweet harmonies and strong musicianship are the hallmarks of this 5-member band.


May 5, 2015

78rmp labels

This Any Old Time show hosted by Steve Hormann is made up of pre-1925 acoustically recorded music on 78rpm discs. From the late 1880s and well into the first twenty years of the 20th century all record production was accomplished without the aid of electric amplification. Many of the performers made the transition from vaudeville and Broadway into the recording studios to record for posterity the popular tunes of this era.

Liam Teague

Apr 3, 2015
Brady Gross

The Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra’s Concerto Competition Winners Concert was this past month, February 22nd. Even though the night before, the Fairbanks area experienced rain and freezing temperatures, many people made it out to enjoy the concert at the UAF Davis Concert Hall. This presentation includes the performances by all four category winners and their interviews with KUAC’s Lori Neufeld.

African Guitar Summit

Mar 13, 2015
John Perrault


Traditional dance and the importance of music and dance in Yup'ik culture is captured in the newly restored documentary "The Drums of Winter".  Find out more about the restoration and digitizing process, preserving and revitalizing the native dance culture and the significance of the dance.

Making music with assorted percussion instruments, including 4 players on one vibraphone, kids toy bells and hand drums, is how TorQ Percussion brings vitality and joy to percussion performance and participation. Hear how this comes together plus stories from touring like having to perform a few impromptu sessions for TSA when questioned about mallets, brushes and bows in luggage.

Rachel Barton Pine

Feb 13, 2015
Brady Gross

Rachel Baron Pine joined Lori Neufeld in the KUAC studio for Alaska Live performing a few violin pieces and discussing her extensive career. Rachel, originally from Chicago, was in Fairbanks for just 24 hrs as the spotlight guest artist for the "Sitka Winter Classic" put on by the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. Rachel showcased her elaborate range of music appreciation from classical violin work to her contribution towards heavy metal and modern violin compositions.