Best of the Fest

Flashbacks from previous Winter and Summer Fairbanks Folk Fests  are recorded by KUAC staff and edited down for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the Best of the Fest if you missed them earlier, and relive the joy of live, local music if you caught them before!

Winter 2013 Folk Fest   

Bruno Grunau strums along while his infant snoozes on his chest.
Credit Robin Wood / KUAC


Best of the Fest
4:45 pm
Mon March 4, 2013

Podcasts from Winter Folk Festival 2013

Robin Wood/KUAC

Welcome to KUAC's presentation of The Best of the Fest. The 2013 Winter Folk Festival took place on February 9th, at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Over the next 5 hours we'll  feature the music of 30 bands from Interior Alaska and beyond. We kick off our show with Jean McDermott and Tundra Music students, playing Swedish fiddling tunes.

Jean McDermott & Friends, Carey Seward, Eric Gebhardt and Issac Paris.
Ester Jelly Jam, Skidmarks, Pioneer Park Pickers, The Lost Lakers and The Headbolt Heaters.
Tetrafiddles & Cattails, Inna Rivkin, Leighton & The Loners, Frosty Bottom Boys and Cocoon
Joe Ransdell-Green, Ukulele Russ, Welch, Shaw, Hassett and Brown, and Leif Thompson.
New Cut Road, Dry Cabin String Band, Zingaro and Ice Jam.
ET Barnette Band, Fairbanks Peace Choir, Rock Bottom Stompers and St. Animal.
White Mountain String Band, Eel House, Will Putnam and Robert Charlie Band