Changing Arctic

Fridays at 11:04

Alaska hosts an historic conference on climate change ...

President Obama announced his upcoming visit to Alaska in a video that includes scenes of destruction from storm surges, flooding and wildfires.

During a recent hike in a forested area just west of Fairbanks, Glenn Juday explains why so many of the trees are sickly.

It’s a challenge for news media to keep up their reporting on climate change’s impact on the Arctic, because of the pace of change and scientists new findings on, for example, the melting of polar sea ice.

A progress report on the nation’s newest polar research ship...

The Inupiat people of Point Hope, Alaska, celebrate a successful whaling season with song and dance.

A new State Department program enables scholars from circumpolar nations to share research and solutions for regional problems.

An Alaskan entrepreneur is building a sustainable energy-powered greenhouse in Alaska to grow produce year-round.

Quintillion fiber-optic project could become an Internet pipeline for remote Alaskan communities.

Ambitious project could connect remote Arctic communities to the world, through broadband.