Northern Soundings: Alaska in Conversation

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This thoughtful program explores Alaska and the world through conversations with writers, artists, scientists, historians, and the people who live in the North. Each episode touches on the guest’s creative works and background, and discussions frequently branch out in unexpected directions. Northern Soundings is made possible by KUAC and the following supporters: the University of Alaska Fairbanks Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station *  College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences * College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics * College of Rural and Community Development * College of Liberal Arts * Geophysical Institute * Institute of Arctic Biology * Institute of Northern Engineering * International Arctic Research Center * Office of the Provost * School of Education * School of Management.

Credit Robert Hannon

Returning Home

Aug 5, 2018
Linda Thai

Fleeing From Home

Jul 26, 2018
Linda Thai

The issue of immigration is again a dominate concern in the United States. Over the decades, the Irish, Eastern Europeans and Chinese met with hostility and at times violence when they sought opportunity or asylum on our shores.   

Revisiting Recovery

Jul 17, 2018
Max Kaufman

This show is an encore conversation that originally aired in 2016. Last week I was on Ester Dome Road when I saw a figure running towards me. It turned out to be endurance athlete Bob Baker, known to many as “Bad Bob.” He was out training. In itself, that isn’t remarkable. But I reflected that it was a little more than two years ago that “Bad Bob” collapsed following a running race in which he competed. As you’ll hear, it isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say he died. And, it also isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say he was too ornery to stay dead.

Academic Leadership

Jul 16, 2018
Susan Henrichs

A Healing Journey

Jul 16, 2018
Cynthia Erickson

Birds, Birds, Birds

Jul 16, 2018
UA Museum of the North

Creating In Two Worlds

Jul 16, 2018
Greg Shipman

Autonomous Submersions

Jul 16, 2018
Hank Statscewich

Nurturing Rural Teachers

Jul 16, 2018
Amy Vinlove

Pushing Past Disease & Decolonization

Jul 16, 2018
Kathy Bue