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11:54 am
Fri July 11, 2014

Political Junkie Roadshow Preview

Neal Conan and Ken Rudin
Credit Lori Neufeld


Lori Neufeld interviews UAF Summer Session's Political Junkie Roadshow hosts Ken Rudin and Neal Conan

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Arts & Culture
4:02 pm
Mon May 19, 2014

Museum of the North Displays Six New Outdoor Sculptures

The title of John Bohning's sculpture means 'to bring ashore' in Inupiat
Emily Schwing KUAC

Fairbanks, Alaska - Over the weekend, six new sculptures were installed outside the University of Alaska Museum of the North.  Local artists created the works in conjunction with a new special exhibit.

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Arts & Culture
9:48 am
Tue October 1, 2013

New Children's Book Chronicles the Life of Alaska's State Bird

Credit University of Alaska Press

Leaves are changing and so are the feathers of Alaska’s state bird.  This time of year, Ptarmigan trade their brown, mottled look for a snowy white appearance.  The ptarmigan is the subject of a children’s book, published by the University of Alaska Press last month.  The book called ‘Gone Again, Ptarmigan,’ is a collaboration between two friends:  a well-known painter and a long time poet. 

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Arts & Culture
9:40 am
Tue October 1, 2013

Life-long Adventurer, Writer Presents 30 Years of Alaskan Experiences

Jonathan Waterman has traveled with camera and pencil from the top of Denali to the coastline of the Canadian Arctic chronicling more than three decades of adventures.  His latest book, Northern Exposures is out from the University of Alaska Press.  It’s a compilation of some of his previously published stories and many never before-seen photographs.

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Arts & Culture
1:35 pm
Mon September 16, 2013

Volunteers Help Fairbanks Concert Association Bring Shows to Rural Communities

Whit Smith, Elana James and Jake Erwin wowed the crowd at Saturday's Hot Club of Cowtown performance at Delta High School.
Credit Fairbanks Concert Association

The Fairbanks Concert Association launched its new season Friday in Fairbanks, and then took the show on the road to two outlying communities. The concert association depends on dedicated volunteers in those communities to help make their outreach concerts possible in Delta Junction and Healy.

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Arts & Culture
6:34 pm
Tue June 11, 2013

NPR's Puzzle Master Will Shortz Interview

Robert Roberts joined KUAC host Lori Neufeld and Puzzle Master Will Shortz for a special KUAC conversation and puzzle on Tues. June 11, 2013.
Credit Lisa Scerbak-Powers

  Some folks like to solve puzzles in their free time, but what if you are Will Shortz and editing crosswords and coming up with puzzles is your job? If you are Will Shortz, you take your best table tennis buddy and go on road trips to try to play in all of the 50 States. Will Shortz and Robert Roberts join KUAC's Lori Neufeld to chat about their sport and Lori plays the puzzle on-air with help from table tennis champion Robert Roberts.

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Arts & Culture
6:05 am
Fri May 17, 2013

New Exhibit Celebrates The First Ascent of Denali

Walter Harper wrote about his trek to the top of Denali in 1913.
Theresa Bakker Museum of the North

Fairbanks, AK - The Museum of the North unveils a new exhibit Saturday that celebrates the centennial anniversary of the first ascent of Denali. The exhibit showcases the only remaining ice ax made especially for the team in Fairbanks, as well as an American flag fashioned from handkerchiefs by team member Robert Tatum.   But Guest Curator Angela Linn says that’s not all. “The most impressive of the items that are in here are the four diaries that were used and written in by the four men who actually made the summit of Denali," says Linn.

Arts & Culture
7:10 am
Wed December 26, 2012

Changing Perspective Captures Dogs of Iditarod in New Light

Two Rivers Musher, 2000 Yukon Quest Champ and 12 time Iditarod finisher Aliy Zirkle.
Albert Lewis

Fairbanks, AK - Photographer Albert Lewis never thought much of mushing.  He lived in Anchorage for three years before he made his way to the ceremonial start of the Iditarod.  “I was pessimistic against the race," he says, "thinking that the handling of the dogs was not fair or perhaps not even nice and I was completely blown away.  These dogs were completely in their element.” Over the past year, Lewis has traveled Alaska, photographing more than 300 of the state’s best known sled dogs.

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Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!
11:38 am
Mon October 22, 2012

We're Moving Out!

We're packing up the 1's and 0's here, and moving all "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" blog things over to tumblr. Right now it's the Internet's #1 source for photographs of Peter Sagal on his motorcycle, but we hope it'll be much, much more (Peter Sagal on his unicycle, hovercraft, pool noodle, etc.). Check it out at

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