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Jan 13, 2016
Blonde Indian
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JR Ancheta

Brian Rogers is UAF Chancellor Emeritus and is featured in the UAF Alumni Aurora Magazine. He was interviewed earlier last month by UAF Journalism Professor Rob Prince. This interview aired on KUAC, Monday October 5th at 1pm.

The Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra’s Concerto Competition Winners Concert was this past month, February 22nd. Even though the night before, the Fairbanks area experienced rain and freezing temperatures, many people made it out to enjoy the concert at the UAF Davis Concert Hall. This presentation includes the performances by all four category winners and their interviews with KUAC’s Lori Neufeld.

Traditional dance and the importance of music and dance in Yup'ik culture is captured in the newly restored documentary "The Drums of Winter".  Find out more about the restoration and digitizing process, preserving and revitalizing the native dance culture and the significance of the dance.

KUAC’s Susie Hackett welcomed Bruce Rogers, Artistic Director of the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre (FST), Sarah Mitchell, FST Educational Coordinator, and Gianna Drogheo, longtime FST collaborator, singer, vocal coach and opera fan to the studio.

After a screening of a Season 2 Shakespeare Uncovered episode, Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre did their own uncovering of their upcoming production of Midsummer Night's Dream. Cast and crew from the Gwich'in-inspired local production were on hand to do readings and take audience members' questions.

KUAC and Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre partnered for events surrounding the Season 2 premiere of Shakespeare Uncovered on KUAC TV and FST's Midsummer Night's Dream. Chris Czajka from WNET in New York traveled to Fairbanks on behalf of Shakespeare Uncovered and the grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities. KUAC's Lori Neufeld had a chance to talk with Czajka about the grant and events.

KUAC's host Lori Neufeld is joined in the studio by Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre's Andrew Cassel and Rebecca George. KUAC and FST are partnering for a series of events surrounding Season 2 of PBS' Shakespeare Uncoverd airing in February on KUAC TV. Music and discussion inspired by Shakespeare, the Gwichi'in inspired Midsummer Night' Dream and Shakespeare Uncovered are all covered.

KUAC's Susie Hackett talks to Brian Cook and Michael Toomey from Split Knuckles Theatre company. Their production of "Endurance" is this weekend, November 21 and 22. Hear a conversation about the work and imagination it takes to combine the story of the great explorer Ernest Shackleton's challenges and the Wall Street economic crisis of 2008 into one production.

Lori Neufeld

Artist Ray Troll and UA Museum Life Sciences Curator Pat Druckenmiller sit down with KUAC's Lori Neufeld to chat about bringing the prehistoric world back to life through art and exhibits. You have seen Ray Troll's art, now find out the stories behind the iconic work of Ray Troll.