Birch Lake

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

The Army Corps of Engineers last fall halted cleanup of fuel-tainted soil near Birch Lake, about 60 miles south of Fairbanks, when workers uncovered buried junk that included barrels with residues of a different contaminant – the banned pesticides DDT and chlordane

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

An Army Corps of Engineers contractor completed cleanup work last week at an old pump station near Delta Junction that was part of a pipeline the military used decades ago to transport gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel from Haines to bases in the Interior.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Cleanup work began this month at a mothballed pump station near Delta Junction that was part of the old Haines to Fairbanks Pipeline. Crews will remove contaminated materials from the Timber Pump Station and two other sites that were part of an old Army-operated pipeline built in the 1950s to transport fuel to the Interior’s three military bases.

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Updated: An second situation report issued Wednesday afternoon by the Alaska Department of Conservation says the amount of diesel recovered from the spill now totals just over 3,500 gallons, down from the previous estimate of 5,000 gallons. DEC also says frequent monitoring of the area affected by the spill shows it had grown in size, indicating the spilled fuel continues to spread.