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The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly approved an ordinance Thursday that’s intended to enable more area residents to qualify for a borough program that helps them pay to replace their older woodstove or other type of solid-fuel-burning heating appliance for a new cleaner-burning unit.

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Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Karl Kassel says state officials have cut funding to the borough for three straight years now, and it appears likely that’ll continue in the years ahead. The mayor says borough officials face some tough choices on how to deal with those cuts, so he’s scheduled two public meetings for Wednesday to talk about the problem – and ask borough residents what they think ought to be done about it.

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The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly on Thursday approved an ordinance that renames the borough Recycling Commission and broadens its scope. The new advisory panel would be rebranded as the Sustainability Commission, and the new name would reflect its increased mission to include promoting environmentally cleaner practices, renewable energy and food security.

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Leah Berman Williams says even though she lost the race for Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly Seat H last week by only five votes, she didn’t request a recount. She says instead she decided to focus her energy on running again next year.

Borough Restores Animal Cruelty Code

Jan 27, 2017
Fairbanks North Star Borough

The Fairbanks North Star Borough has restored animal cruelty laws to its books. The action came in response to several recent dog shootings. As KUAC’s Robert Hannon reports, the assembly at its meeting last night heard from many residents who had pets shot or had witnessed animal abuse.

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The Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor has a green light actively enforce land use ordinances. Last night (Thurs.) the Assembly passed a resolution targeting neighborhood junk yards. As KUAC’s Robert Hannon reports, the resolution sparked intense assembly debate.

State lead Interior Energy Project efforts to get natural gas to Fairbanks would slow down if recent legislative actions hold.  As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the project has re-focused from North Slope to Cook Inlet gas in recent months, and state legislators are tweaking earlier approved bills funding the effort.

The president of Fairbanks Natural Gas is defending his company. Dan Britton is responding to comments by Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly members and a borough hired attorney characterizing the private utility as under serving and over charging to maximize profit.  KUAC’s Dan Bross reports. 

Fairbanks, AK - The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly considers an ordinance Thursday during a regular meeting that would allow for the permanent registration of non-commercial vehicles and trailers that are more than eight years old.

Assemblyman Guy Sattley is sponsoring the ordinance. It comes in response to a bill passed by the state legislature last year.

“It would enable people to save a little bit of money on their vehicle registration,” said Sattley.

Assembly Approves Legislative Wish List

Oct 10, 2014

Fairbanks, AK - The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly unanimously passed a resolution Thursday that outline Legislative priorities for the borough. Janice Golub is a member of the Assembly’s capitol projects committee that drafted the wish list. “A lot of them are maintenance projects, upgrades to facilities and that sort of thing," Golub siad.  "We really as a committee didn’t prioritize them or put them in any special order.”