Delta Junction

Tim Ellis/KUAC

A Delta Junction-area farmer is cleaning up the mess from a fire that destroyed her barn last week and killed hundreds of chickens and other livestock that provided most of her livelihood. Brandy McLean says she’s determined to stay in business – but she could use some help. 

Ice Rescue

Apr 5, 2013

A Fairbanks man survived a crevasse fall on a glacier near Delta Junction yesterday (Thurs). As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, he was rescued unscathed, despite a long fall and hours trapped in the ice.

U.S. Army

Friday’s announcement by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel of a buildup at the missile-defense base at Fort Greely, in response to threats by North Korea, has generated cautious enthusiasm over the prospect of an economic boost for the Interior at a time of budget cuts, furloughs and ongoing cutbacks.

Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation

The state has awarded a new contract to a Delta Junction-area business to continue operating an historical park after working out a new kind of arrangement to help the company earn revenue from concessions to pay the state for upkeep on the park when it opens in May.

Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois/Delta Wind

About 500 homes in the Delta Junction area were still without power this afternoon, more than 18 hours after high winds gusting to 76 miles per hour pounded the area Tuesday night.
Linemen have been working since late last night throughout the Delta area to repair power lines pulled down by trees knocked over by the windstorm that started as a breeze from the south around noon Tuesday on an otherwise sunny autumn day.

Photo courtesy of Tim Barnes

A white moose that’s been hanging around Delta Junction for the past few years made another cameo appearance last week at a local bed and breakfast. The latest sighting generated some Internet buzz, when photos of the animal and its calf were posted to a social-networking site. And it’s led a local game biologist to again consider whether it’s an albino or just a colorless cow.