Fairbanks, AK - Two candidates running for Alaska Governor debated during a forum Tuesday in Fairbanks.  Both Bill Walker and Governor Sean Parnell touched on Fairbanks specific topics.  Mainly, Sean Parnell defended his administration when Bill Walker questioned what the current governor is doing about the high cost of energy in the Interior. "I am totally focused on reducing energy costs and fuel costs here in the Interior and across the state," Parnell said.

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

One of Alaska’s foremost historians has died. Claus-M. Naske passed away last week at age 78, after a long battle with cancer. Naske was a professor of history at the University of Alaska –Fairbanks who wrote or co-authored nearly a dozen books about Alaska history.

Tanana Chiefs Conference

Alaska Native leader and educator Bernice Joseph has died. The 49-year-old Joseph succumbed to cancer Tuesday. She was a former professor and administrator at UAF. And as KUAC’s Tim Ellis reports, she maintained strong ties with rural Alaska.

Fairbanks, AK - Fairbanks educator and former state legislator Niilo Koponen passed away Tuesday of natural causes, according to the family’s website.

Niilo Koponen was born to Finnish immigrants in 1928.  He grew up in the Bronx.  He was the first white student to graduate from the historically black Wilberforce University in Ohio. Koponen’s son Alex Koponen says a folk dancing event brought his parents together. Dad twisted his ankle, mom supplied an ace bandage and the rest is history," says the younger Koponen. 

The Quest in the Classroom

Jan 30, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Fairbanks, AK - Mushers and race organizers on the Yukon Quest need to know how to read maps, measure distance and time.  They also need to know how to communicate well.  Those are all reasons why some teachers in Alaska use the race as a teaching tool this time of year.  One fourth grade class in Fairbanks is gearing up to follow this year’s race.

23 fourth graders stand in a circle in front of Woodriver Elementary School in Fairbanks.  In the midst of the frenzied huddle, there’s something black and furry.