Adapting sustainable-energy technology for the remote communities …  


The Arctic Energy Summit’s agenda didn’t include any presentations on Royal Dutch Shell’s decision to halt offshore oil exploration in the Chukchi Sea. But the subject was clearly on the mind of attendees during the second day of the international forum in Fairbanks.

A presidential shout-out on Alaska’s high energy costs …

The Inupiat people of Point Hope, Alaska, celebrate a successful whaling season with song and dance.

Fairbanks, AK - Alaska Governor Bill Walker issued an Administrative Order late last week that directs the Commissioner of Commerce, Community and Economic Development to lead a collaborative statewide effort to improve consumer energy and address energy costs in the Interior.

Fairbanks, North Pole Advance in Energy Prize Contest

Jan 15, 2015

Fairbanks, AK - Fairbanks and North Pole are among 50 communities competing for a $5 million dollar prize as part of a national energy competition hosted by Georgetown University.  Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins says the communities have been working on an eighteen-page application since 2013.  It outlines a plan to reduce energy consumption by at least a required 12 percent. “We are now able to start the competition and so from here on out, this is where we will be showing our data that we submit to Georgetown," Hopkins explained.

U.S. Department of Energy

The lights are back on in Fort Yukon, including the Christmas trees, now that three of the village’s four electrical generators are functioning again.
A couple of weeks ago, the holidays didn’t look so happy for the remote Yukon River community, when all but one of its generators broke down. But the community got through by cutting back and helping each other out.
And it all happened just as the utility was planning to build a new powerplant that will reduce their dependence on diesel-fueled generators.

Anchorage, AK - An effort to decrease reliance on diesel fuel in Alaska’s remote villages by up to 75 percent is in the early stages of development at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory based in Colorado. During a speech at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention last week, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Mike Connor announced an additional 400-thousand dollars in funding.  

Fairbanks, AK - Two candidates running for Alaska Governor debated during a forum Tuesday in Fairbanks.  Both Bill Walker and Governor Sean Parnell touched on Fairbanks specific topics.  Mainly, Sean Parnell defended his administration when Bill Walker questioned what the current governor is doing about the high cost of energy in the Interior. "I am totally focused on reducing energy costs and fuel costs here in the Interior and across the state," Parnell said.

Fairbanks, AK - Alaska Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker says the cost of energy is his top priority.  During a candidate forum Tuesday, Walker announced his plans to address energy immediately if he is elected Governor in November.  “Governor Parnell has had six years to bring down the cost of energy we need an immediate plan a mid-term plan and along term plan," Walker told the crowd. "The first thing I’ll do as governor I will issue a declaration of disaster on the cost of energy in in Interior and rural Alaska.”