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The Alaska Department of Transportation’s summer road-construction season has begun, with major projects in Fairbanks and on both the Richardson and Parks highways. Crews are hustling to get as much work done as possible during the short construction season.

Maintaining roads as permafrost thaws …

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Motorists will finally get a break next month from the detours and congestion around a couple of major construction projects under way on the Richardson Highway south of Fairbanks. The work will wrap-up for the season on both the railroad-overpass and weigh-station projects – then ramp up again next year.

A major overhaul of College Road is planned for next summer. The long in the works project is based on recommendations of a corridor study approved by the Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System policy committee.

FMATS coordinator Donna Gardino outlines fundamental changes in the new road design. "Moving from a four lane to a three lane, so basically having one lane in each direction and a center turn lane, which will provide us with 5-foot shoulders," she said.

Illinois Detor Nears End

Sep 24, 2012
Tjarn Bross

Road construction that’s limited access to downtown Fairbanks will soon be over. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the state has pumped additional money into the 22 million dollar Illinois Street project to accelerate progress.