Sharing the Bounty

16 hours ago
Mark Ross / Alaska Department of Fish and Game

It’s Thanksgiving and even if family can’t join you this year, Creamer’s Field biologist and educator Mark Ross says you can share your bounty and receive some insights too.


Nov 24, 2020

11-24-20 midday newscast

11-24-20 AM newscast

Celebrating Legacies

Nov 24, 2020
Scott Kiefer

Last month brought hard news. First, one of my favorite authors died unexpectedly from a brain tumor. Sherry Simpson was funny, genuine and penned thoughtful and elegantly wrought works about Alaska. She was 60 years old. Sherry’s friend and colleague Frank Soos talks about her life and work.

Days after learning about her death, I heard about another passing. Although Will Harrison wasn’t a friend, I had the good fortune of talking with him three years ago. There aren’t many nuclear physicists who switch careers to study glaciers. We hear from Will and from a former graduate student who continues glacier research at UAF’s Geophysical Institute, Martin Truffer.

Fort Greely

Fort Greely has elevated its COVID-19 alert level and is taking precautions like closing the post child-care center in response to the rising numbers of area residents who’ve tested positive for coronavirus, including one who worked at the child-care center.


Nov 23, 2020

11-23-20 midday newscast

11-23-20 AM newscast

Pandemic Politics

Nov 20, 2020


Nov 20, 2020

11-20-20 midday newscast

Dan Bross / KUAC

KUAC's Dan Bross talks with Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy climate specialist Rick Thoman about the lack of solar warmth during the 2 months surrounding the winter solstice. 


Alaska Live

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