The main domestic violence shelter in Fairbanks stands to lose a half-million dollars after a federal program withered during the Trump administration.

Judy Jesse

The Fairbanks-North Pole area air pollution problem is slowly getting better, according to a state report released Wednesday. The report covers a year that had more days of stagnant air, more no-burn days and a lot of people staying at home.


Apr 16, 2021

04-16-21 midday newscast

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KUAC's Dan Bross talks with Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy climate specialist Rick Thoman about the prognosis for river break up.

04-16-21 AM newscast

Pandemic Politics: Failed Theories

Apr 16, 2021


Apr 15, 2021

04-15-21 midday newscast

04-15-21 AM newscast

Bike Scarcity

Apr 15, 2021

Alaska is slowly emerging from the pandemic. With warmer temperatures and abundant daylight many residents are looking to hit the road on new bicycles to celebrate. But, as KUAC’s Robert Hannon reports, there might not be a wide selection to choose from.

Fort Wainwright

Work will begin next month on improvements to the busiest entryway into Fort Wainwright. The project on the eastern stretch of Gaffney Road will require temporary closure of the Main Gate and Visitors Center. When it’s completed, the changes will help traffic flow more smoothly on to post. It’ll also enable vehicles to get through a much-bigger construction zone that the state will set next year at a nearby major intersection.


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