02-11-20 Midday Yukon Quest Update

Feb 11, 2020

02-11-20 1PM Quest Update

Brent Sass talks with race official at the snowy Braeburn checkpoint Monday.
Credit Lex Treinen / KUAC

Lex Treinen, KUAC (Whitehorse, Yukon) Brent Sass is just a few miles from claiming his 3rd Yukon Quest title. Making his way toward Whitehorse well ahead of 2nd place musher Michelle Phillips, both mushers are pushing through deep fresh that fell overnight.

Tuesday morning, snow blowers, shovels and snow plows were working at full steam to clear the walkways and side roads around Whitehorse so that pedestrians and cars could move through.

Out on the trail, nobody will be helping remove the foot of snow that fell around the area - 27 centimeters - in Whitehorse according to an official measurement.

It took some of the racers by surprise as it also warmed up to about 20 degrees.

"At this point I'm sopped all the way through to everything, so I gotta get these guys taken care of right now and then get dried up a little bit and then well I'll think about that," said Sass. Sass arrived in Braeburn at 3:37 in the afternoon yesterday after plowing trail for 30 miles.

Sass said he'd have to think of some way to use the lead to his advantage, but he was coy about what exactly that would be.

"But it's 100 miles and I gotta go, so you know, obviously it's gonna take a heck of a lot longer than it normally does, so some sort of plan is going to have to be established, because I'm not gonna just say, I'm gonna just get on my my sled and run 100 miles straight through 10 inches of snow, so I don't know," he said.

Still, Sass said, being in front in Braeburn was his goal, so he'll have to take whatever advantage he can get. ###