Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre 2019 Summer Productions Preview

Jul 18, 2019

Alaska Live host Lori Neufeld with Lady Macbeth, Shelley Virgina, Lady Macbeth; Tom Robenolt, Macbeth; Andrew Cassell, PsychoSarah Director; Sarah MacMillan, PsychoSarah; Emma Pace, puppeteer and workshop leader; Carey Seward, FST Director; Michael Schaeffer, Caddy Shakes
Credit Mak Landry

Select scenes from the 2019 Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre performed in front of a studio audience at KUAC and lively conversation with actors and directors from all the shows including Much Ado About Nothing, PsychoSarah, Caddy Shakes, Macbeth and the Master Class.