Jumble ice challenges mushers as they head for Pelly Crossing

Feb 9, 2015

Credit Credit Emily Schwing / KUAC

  McCabe Creek, YK - Jumble ice at a place called Yukon Crossing on the Yukon River near McCabe Creek is challenging Yukon Quest mushers.  When he arrived in the dog drop and hospitality stop, Ray Redington Junior was upbeat but told a race judge he had no intentions of “doing that again.”

For Eureka musher Brent Sass, it was business as usual. Before he left Carmacks, Sass said he wasn’t worried about a rough trail. "Jumble ice is jumble ice, it’s part of the Yukon Quest and this is my 8th Quest and we’re pretty used to that,” said Sass.

Mushers are reporting large cracks and chunks of ice higher than their sled bags.

The Canadian Rangers laid down straw on some glare ice to help give sleds traction. According to race officials, conditions should not be as rough on the trail again until near the checkpoint in Circle City on the Alaska side of the trail.