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This thoughtful program explores Alaska and the world through conversations with writers, artists, scientists, historians, and the people who live in the North. Each episode touches on the guest’s creative works and background, and discussions frequently branch out in unexpected directions. Northern Soundings is made possible by KUAC and the following supporters: Foundation Health Partners * the University of Alaska Fairbanks Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station *  College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics * College of Rural and Community Development * College of Liberal Arts * Geophysical Institute * Institute of Arctic Biology * Institute of Northern Engineering * International Arctic Research Center * Office of the Provost * School of Education * School of Management * Vice Chancellor for Research.

Credit Robert Hannon

Pandemic Politics

Jan 15, 2021

President Trump likes to say he’s exceptional. Well, Wednesday he broke a record by being impeached a second time. In with analysis are UA Press director Nate Bauer and UAF political scientist Alexander Hirsch.

Pandemic Politics

Jan 8, 2021

If this had been any other administration or election, Georgia’s runoff and the flipping of the U.S. Senate would be the top political topic this week. But these aren’t normal times. Political scientist Alexander Hirsch and UA Press Director Nate Bauer discuss the storming of the nation’s capital and the 2020 election certification.

Pandemic Politics

Jan 2, 2021

Months of congressional wrangling over a followup economic stimulus package seems to have ended with President Trump’s signature on the bill. But questions remain how effectively it will stimulate the economy and what it means for Alaskans. In with analysis are UAF Political Scientist Alexander Hirsch and University of Alaska Press Director Nate Bauer.

Pandemic Politics

Dec 18, 2020

Nothing in our country seems free of political influence, including the COVID-19 vaccine. In with analysis is Nate Bauer who directs the University of Alaska Press.


Pandemic Politics

Dec 11, 2020

In probably the stormiest transfer of power since Abraham Lincoln was elected president, political gridlock shows no sign of disappearing. But as commentators UA Press Director Nate Bauer and UAF political scientist Alexander Hirsch point out, Alaska faces its own party challenges.

Creatively Killing Monsters

Dec 10, 2020
UAF Department of Theatre and Film

COVID-19 has spawned a lot of grief, but also spurred some entrepreneurial thinking. As Carrie Baker, chair of UAF’s Theatre and Film department, explains, everyone from stage crew to playwright responded creatively to present She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms.  

Counting Birds

Dec 10, 2020
Mark Ross

There are a lot of traditions associated with this season. And as Creamer’s Field biologist and educator Mark Ross points out, that includes the Christmas Bird Count.

Leadership in the Details

Dec 9, 2020
Frank Williams

On this show, retired chemical engineer and administrator Frank Williams talks about coping with challenging times. And Chris Lott pays tribute to the recently departed writer Sherry Simpson.

Pandemic Politics

Dec 4, 2020

Pandemic Politics

Nov 27, 2020

Political polarization and competing narratives about the pandemic have rippled through our society including schools. In with analysis is Nate Bauer who directs the University of Alaska Press.