Northern Soundings: Alaska in Conversation

Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

This thoughtful program explores Alaska and the world through conversations with writers, artists, scientists, historians, and the people who live in the North. Each episode touches on the guest’s creative works and background, and discussions frequently branch out in unexpected directions.

Credit Robert Hannon

Northern Soundings: Ned Rozell

Jun 6, 2017
Ned Rozell

Northern Soundings: Writer Daryl Farmer

Jun 6, 2017
JR Ancheta, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Northern Soundings: Filmmaker Leonard Kamerling

Jun 6, 2017
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Northern Soundings: "Bad Bob" Baker, Pt. 2

Mar 29, 2017
Bob and Sharon Baker
Max Kaufman

Northern Soundings "Bad Bob" Baker Pt.1

Mar 29, 2017
Bob Baker

Northern Soundings: Adam Tanner

Feb 28, 2017
Charles Mason

Frank Soos Pt. 2

Feb 17, 2017
Frank Soos

Frank Soos, Part 1

Feb 2, 2017
Frank by Kesler Woodward, used by permission