Northern Soundings: Alaska in Conversation

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This thoughtful program explores Alaska and the world through conversations with writers, artists, scientists, historians, and the people who live in the North. Each episode touches on the guest’s creative works and background, and discussions frequently branch out in unexpected directions. Northern Soundings is made possible by KUAC and the following supporters: Foundation Health Partners * the University of Alaska Fairbanks Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station *  College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics * College of Rural and Community Development * College of Liberal Arts * Geophysical Institute * Institute of Arctic Biology * Institute of Northern Engineering * International Arctic Research Center * Office of the Provost * School of Education * School of Management * Vice Chancellor for Research.

Credit Robert Hannon

Walter Harper: Bridge Between Two Cultures

Oct 26, 2017
Yvonne Mozée Collection, Accession Number 2002-98-13, Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives, Rasmuson Library, UAF.

In Ancient Greece, heroes often did not last long. Achilles comes to mind, but there are others. For the Greeks, there was something almost enviable about the hero whose life ended at the zenith, at the peak of physical and technical prowess. I couldn’t help reflecting on that when I was talking with historian Mary Ehrlander. She has a new book out on the first person to summit Denali, Walter Harper. Not long after his history-making achievement, Walter and his young wife perished in a maritime disaster.

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