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The More You Look

  • As the museum’s mission states, UAMN illuminates the natural history and cultural heritage of Alaska and the North through collections, research, education, and partnerships. Thus, it’s no surprise that the museum employs more than two dozen university graduate and undergraduate students working with and within the museum collections. Not to mention that the museum’s curators have joint faculty appointments within other academic departments at the university. Such as Geology, Biology, Anthropology, and Fisheries.Fisheries graduate student Sydney Almgren is studying Pacific Herring in the Bering Sea, their genetic diversity and the structure of the population, because it’s good to know what’s happening in the sea, it’s good to refine techniques and analysis for current and future work, and it’s good to be able to provide a better picture of the ocean to fisheries managers.
  • The More You Look, “Seeds of Practice,” conversations with a few of the artists and scientists contributing to the museum’s latest special exhibition.