Alaska Division of Forestry

Alaska Division of Agriculture

The state Agriculture Division is planning an all-day public event Friday to showcase the potential uses of more than 148-thousand acres of land westof Nenana that’s been made accessible by completion of a bridge over the Nenana River last year.

The state Division of Forestry is awarding nearly $160,000 in grants to 34 fire departments around Alaska to help them buy equipment that’ll improve their ability to protect their communities.

Birch Creek FIre

Jul 15, 2020
Alaska Division of Forestry

A new wildfire near Circle was attacked by smokejumpers and water scooping aircraft Tuesday.  The Alaska Fire Service reports that the Birch Creek Fire is burning 17 miles northwest of Circle, in the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

An AFS post says the roughly 10-acre lightning-started blaze is within a mile of a full protection area, and a couple miles from a Native land allotment. 

Fire Dogs Keep Bears Away

Jun 17, 2020

The Alaska Fire Service has called on specialized canines to help protect firefighters battling the Isom Creek Fire along the Dalton Highway. Fire information officer Sam Harrel says a handler and two dogs from the Alaska and Montana based Wind River Bear Institute, have been hired to deter bears from fire camps.

Any Creek Fire Threatens Evac Order

Jun 15, 2020
Thomas Krock / Alaska Division of Forestry

Rain showers and higher humidity helped crews gain ground on a wildfire north of Fairbanks Sunday.

According to a state Division of Forestry report, the Any Creek Fire was started by lightning Saturday and prompted evacuation readiness alerts in some subdivisions in the Old Murphy Dome Road area. Forestry says rain subsequently slowed activity, and 130 firefighters, with help from water dropping aircraft, were able to make progress toward containing the 50 acre fire Sunday.

Isom Creek Fire Grows to 10,000 Acres

Jun 11, 2020
Tanana Chiefs Conference Crew

The Isom Creek wildfire along the Dalton Highway, continues to grow. Fire information officer Sam Harrel says winds Wednesday pushed the blaze away from the highway and Trans-Alaska Pipeline, while causing substantial growth on the fire’s northeast perimeter.

"As a result of that we are in 10,618 acres.”

Harrel says that portion of the fire pushed into a 2004 burn scar, but also toward a Native land allotment with cabins, along the Yukon River.

Isom Creek Fire Grows to 7,000 Acres

Jun 10, 2020
Tim Whitesell / Alaska Division of Forestry

Firefighters are making progress battling the Isom Creek wildfire burning east of the Dalton Highway.  Fire information officer Sam Harrel says gusty thunderstorm winds advanced flames rapidly late Monday night, growing the fire to over 7,000 acres, but that higher humidity Tuesday allowed the 250 firefighters working the incident to extend and secure lines.

Isom Fires Moves Away from Pipeline

Jun 9, 2020

The Isom Creek Fire burning along the Dalton Highway south of the Yukon River was active again Monday, but Fire Information Officer Sam Harrel says winds primarily drove the flames away from the highway and Trans Alaska Pipeline Monday.

Harrell says protecting Native land allotments and cabins along the river’s south bank remain a top priority for about 250 firefighters working the incident.

Isom Creek Fire Grows Over the Weekend

Jun 8, 2020
Cammy Roy / BLM AFS

A wildfire along the Dalton Highway is getting a lot of attention from firefighters. The Isom Creek Fire has burned over 2,000 acres southeast of where the Dalton Highway crosses the Yukon River, in an area where there are Alaska Native land allotments. Alaska Fire Service spokesperson Beth Ipsen says the blaze

Lightning Storm Starts Clear Creek Fire

Jun 1, 2020
National Weather Service

Alaska’s wildfire situation heightened over the weekend, as the season’s first major thunderstorms resulted in thousands of lightning strikes. Alaska Fire Service spokesperson Beth Ipsen says there were 1,800 lightning strikes Saturday, and 3,500 Sunday, spanning a large swath of the state

Ipsen says the lightning sparked 20 new wildfires including two blazes in the Unalakleet area, which were fought with smoke jumpers and water scooping planes.