Alaska Earthquake Information Center

Alaska Earthquake Center

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake late in the evening on Sunday May 30 occurred about 100 km, or 60 miles, east of Talkeetna and was felt across much of mainland Alaska. 

5.5 Earthquake Felt Across Interior, SouthCentral

Apr 8, 2021
Alaska Earthquake Center / Alaska Earthquake Center

Interior residents felt a 5.5 magnitude earthquake this morning. The Alaska Earthquake Center at University of Alaska Fairbanks reported the quake about 15 miles southwest of Cantwell at 9:10 a.m.

The town closest to the epicenter is Cantwell, at the intersection of the Parks and Denali Highways.

Stephanie Stevens, cashiering at Vitus general store in Cantwell, says she saw no damage.

04-08-21 midday newscast

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Internet connectivity and phone service is mostly up again today for University of Alaska campuses around the state, though some sporadic problems persist. Technicians repaired an electrical problem Wednesday afternoon that knocked out service for much of the day. The outage slowed or halted most routine office work and kept the university from offering such services as teleconferencing, online distance learning – and even earthquake monitoring.

U.S. Geological Survey

UPDATED: Seismic activity continued around Alaska into this morning, following the strong earthquake centered near Yakutat that rattled portions of southern Alaska and the Yukon Territory early Thursday.