Alaska Legal Services Corporation

With many Alaskans struggling to pay rent during the pandemic, housing advocates welcomed news of a temporary moratorium on evictions. It went into effect 10 days ago (Sept. 4) by order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It means to keep tenants in their homes even if they can’t pay their landlords right now. But tenants must show they’ve tried everything to come up with the money.

Alaska’s legal system can be daunting for the average citizen, and not everyone can afford professional help. The Alaska Bar Association tries to get private attorneys to donate time to needy clients, but there are fewer lawyers who can do that. The Alaska Bar Association is trying to close the “justice gap.”

Late Wednesday, the Dunleavy Administration announced the fourth veto reversal of the week with restoring three-quarters of a million dollars to Alaska Legal Services Corporation for representing poor people in civil cases.

It came through the Attorney General’s office, and the money comes with some restrictions on how it can be used.