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May 18, 2020

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Five Minutes to Better Understand Vetos

Jul 8, 2019

10 days ago Governor Mike Dunleavy issued 168 vetos to items in the state’s operating budget, and 14 more to Mental Health appropriations. Since that time, the news media has reported a lot of information about which parts of the state government are affected, and how grants and private contracts will be cut. It can be pretty confusing if you aren’t familiar with government documents and the state’s website. 

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A giant figure in Alaska history has passed. Former state lawmaker Jack Coghill died Wednesday morning at the age of 93.

There are eight vacancies for Village Public Safety Officers in Interior Alaska Villages.

Governor Mike Dunleavy has proposed pulling back three million dollars in unspent money for the VPSO program to help pay for larger Permanent Fund Dividends, among other items. The proposal is in Senate Bill 39.





Asking the state legislature for actions and local money is an annual duty of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. An Assembly committee has been refining its Legislative Priorities for a few months. As KUAC’s Robyne reports, the Assembly voted on it last Thursday and is ready to send the “wish list” to Juneau.


There’s only one contested legislative primary-election race that Fairbanks-area voters will weigh-in on this coming Tuesday. That’s the House District 1 seat left vacant by Rep. Scott Kawasaki’s decision to challenge incumbent Sen. Pete Kelly to represent state Senate District A. The matchup features two candidates with very different campaign pitches.

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Longtime Fairbanks Democratic lawmaker David Guttenberg has decided against running for re-election to a ninth term in the Alaska House of Representatives. Guttenberg says he’s leaving his decades of service to his district and the state party so he can enjoy life in his home in the Goldstream Valley.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly advanced a resolution Thursday that spelled out the minimum amount of money it will make available to the school district for the coming school year.  It’s a routine procedure, but this year’s resolution included some not-so-routine language that refers to big changes that may be coming in the way the borough, and the state, fund K-through-21 education.

State lead Interior Energy Project efforts to get natural gas to Fairbanks would slow down if recent legislative actions hold.  As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the project has re-focused from North Slope to Cook Inlet gas in recent months, and state legislators are tweaking earlier approved bills funding the effort.

FNSB School District

he Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Board of Education approved a three-year contract for Karen Gaborik Tuesday. Gaborik had been heading up the district administration for about a year now, and her tenure so far has been filled with challenges.