Bob Gerlach

Tim Ellis/KUAC

State Veterinarian Bob Gerlach told a crowd that turned out Saturday for the 46th Annual Delta Farm Forum that diseases that afflict livestock and wildlife are increasingly showing up in Alaska. He says other diseases that are on the increase in northern-tier states and Canada also moving in this direction, due to the warming climate, human-population increase and the movement of agricultural products worldwide.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The state Department of Fish and Game is warning pet owners in the Interior and southcentral Alaska about a recent spike in reports of tularemia – sometimes called “rabbit fever.” The disease is treatable, but it’s essential to get an animal to a veterinarian as soon as possible when they’re showing symptoms, like high fever.

Circumpolar citizen scientists keep watch on the environment …

State Reports First Case of Rabies in Interior Alaska

Apr 24, 2013

Fairbanks, AK - The state reported the first case of rabies in Alaska’s interior on Tuesday.  A wolf tested positive for the disease, but the discovery was accidental.  Until two years ago, the state didn’t survey for Interior Alaska for rabies.  But after an accidental discovery of the disease in a wolf last month, the state plans to increase their effort to track the disease in the Interior.