Crane Johnson, Hydrologist / NWS Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center

Ice is breaking up on the upper Yukon River, including at Eagle and Tanana.


Eric Muehling

Snow melt and river break up have slowed across the Interior. Speaking during a weekly river break up teleconference Tuesday, National Weather Service hydrologist Karen Endres

It’s looking like Alaska could be in for a rough break up season. Forecasters warn of a dangerous spring on Alaska rivers. 


Apr 13, 2020

04-13-20 7:30 AM newscast

Tonight's upcoming winter snow storm for the Interior may slow down some river break-ups this month. But the Kuskokwim and Tanana Rivers have seen record early breakups this year, and it’s likely the Yukon will follow suit.

How might late season flooding affect spring breakup?

Sep 24, 2012

Fairbanks, AK - Water levels on the Tanana River rose sharply over the weekend.  Extra water late in the season could cause problems during break up next spring.  National Weather Service Hydrologist Ed Plumb says that’s because of the extra ice that may form this fall.  “If the rivers freeze at a high level during the fall time, we have a larger surface of ice forming on the river,” he explains.