breakup flood

Crane Johnson, Hydrologist / NWS Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center

Ice is breaking up on the upper Yukon River, including at Eagle and Tanana.


Eric Muehling

Snow melt and river break up have slowed across the Interior. Speaking during a weekly river break up teleconference Tuesday, National Weather Service hydrologist Karen Endres

An international team of explorers returned last week from a grueling 700-mile dog-sled journey from the Arctic Ocean to Eagle, Alaska. They were the first to re-trace the route that legendary explorer Roald Amundsen took in 1905 after his historic transit of the Northwest Passage.

KUAC file photo

Residents of Galena are busy repairing and rebuilding some of the 200 homes that were damaged or destroyed by Yukon River floodwaters during last year’s breakup. Some of the residents are having their homes elevated above flood level as a precaution against future flooding.

Flooding has devastated several Alaskan towns and villages this Breakup season, but residents of one Interior community are relieved that they didn’t get flooded this year. A levee built last year along the Tanana River in Salcha as part of a big bridge-construction project seems to have kept the river from doing what it’s been doing for the past several years: overflowing the Piledriver Slough and flooding a couple dozen homes in the area. KUAC’s Tim Ellis reports.