Office of the Governor

Governor Bill Walker is inviting businesspersons from around the state who are interested in boosting trade with Alaska’s largest international trading partner to come along on a China trade mission to be launched in May.  A member of the Walker administration says the governor is especially interested in bringing along representatives of the mining and tourism industries.

(Fairbanks, AK.)  A Chinese air carrier will bring winter visitors to Fairbanks. Explore Fairbanks Tourism director Scott McCrae (ma-CRAY) says Taiwan based China Airlines flights are scheduled for December.

“Charter service from Taipei to Fairbanks.  They’re planning 3 different flights: December 4th, 8th and 12th, using the A 340 aircraft. They’ve got capacity of 280 passengers.”

Alaska hosts an historic conference on climate change ...

The University of Alaska-Fairbanks kicked-off Arctic Day 2014 Wednesday with an exhibition of UAF’s research projects in the region, and a talk about how climate change is reshaping it. The keynote speaker says the United States and Alaska must adapt more quickly to a warming Arctic. And she says news media must do a better job in communicating the importance of responding to those changes.