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Quartz Lake is shrinking -- the water level of the popular lake just north of Delta Junction is dropping. And while researchers try to find out why, archeologists are studying how humans have adapted to the lake’s periodic cycles of rising and falling water levels since they moved into the area 14,000 years ago.

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Construction work on the University of Alaska Fairbanks’s new coal-fired powerplant is complete and workers are preparing for the first test of a major component by the end of the month. If all goes as planned, the $245-million plant should be fully operational around Thanksgiving.

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Updated: Golden Valley Electric Association restarted and operated the boiler of its coal-fired Healy 2 powerplant for several hours during a test run Monday. The test re-firings resumed Thursday and will continue through August, when Golden Valley hopes to make the 50-megawatt plant fully operational.

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National Weather Service climate expert Rick Thoman says there’s a good chance that all of Alaska will be warmer than normal in August and the next couple of months. But he says there’s near-certainty that coastal areas along the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering and Beaufort seas will be warm through October.

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The environmental organization World Wide Fund for Nature says the Arctic Council and its eight member nations need to do more to conserve the region’s ecosystems and promote its biological diversity. An official with the organization outlined those and other findings Wednesday at one of the many events being held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the lead-up to today’s Arctic Council ministerial meeting.

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