Today is Walter Harper Day

Jun 7, 2021
Photo courtesy of UAF Rasmuson library

Today is Walter Harper Day – honoring the mountaineer and guide who was the first person to climb to Denali’s highest summit. Alaskans are celebrating the day with work on a new statue of Harper, and a special episode of the Molly of Denali TV show.

Muldrow Glacier Surge

Apr 9, 2021
Chris Palm / National Park Service

A glacier in Denali National Park is advancing rapidly. According to the National Park Service, the Muldrow Glacier, which originates on Denali’s northeast flank is surging downslope, a cyclical acceleration that last occurred in the 1950s. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.

The road into Denali National Park has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 90-mile road is largely snow covered this time of year, and typically only open to vehicles a short distance, but is a popular jumping off point for spring skiing and other recreation. Park spokesperson G.W. Hitchcock says the road’s closure reflects existing state health mandates requiring people stay home, and not travel between communities, except for critical needs.


Apr 14, 2020

04-14-20 12:30 PM newscast

Denali National Park has not yet decided whether summer visitor access will change due to the coronavirus pandemic. The park service cancelled the Denali climbing season, but in an email, Park spokesperson GW Hitchcock says “The park is not ready to release any updated information regarding its operational posture for the summer season.”

Meanwhile with cruise ships and Alaska Railroad passenger trains paused until July, there’s concern in the Denali Park area that the 600,000 visitors which drive the area’s economy, won’t be showing up this year. 

Winter Challenge

Dec 28, 2016

A Minnesota adventurer who made the first successful solo January ascent of Denali, will attempt another unprecedented winter climb in the Alaska Range. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports on Lonnie Dupre’s planned Mt Hunter expedition.

Seven Summits

Feb 17, 2015
Dick Morse

A Fairbanks man is nearing completion of a mountaineering feat. Bill Cole has climbed the highest peaks on 6 of the world’s 7 continents. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.

Jonathan Waterman has traveled with camera and pencil from the top of Denali to the coastline of the Canadian Arctic chronicling more than three decades of adventures.  His latest book, Northern Exposures is out from the University of Alaska Press.  It’s a compilation of some of his previously published stories and many never before-seen photographs.

New Exhibit Celebrates The First Ascent of Denali

May 17, 2013
Theresa Bakker / Museum of the North

Fairbanks, AK - The Museum of the North unveils a new exhibit Saturday that celebrates the centennial anniversary of the first ascent of Denali. The exhibit showcases the only remaining ice ax made especially for the team in Fairbanks, as well as an American flag fashioned from handkerchiefs by team member Robert Tatum.   But Guest Curator Angela Linn says that’s not all. “The most impressive of the items that are in here are the four diaries that were used and written in by the four men who actually made the summit of Denali," says Linn.

Dan Bross

A group of descendants of the first men to summit Denali plan to climb the mountain on the 100th anniversary of their for bearers historic ascent.  This week they announced the project with a press conference at St. Mathews Episcopal Church in Fairbanks, the same location where the 1913 expedition was launched.  KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.