Denali National Park

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A landslide-plagued stretch of the road into Denali National Park has been repaired again. The area known as Pretty Rocks in Polychrome Pass is the location of chronic sloughing caused by climate

Denali Park to Open Later with Road Options

May 18, 2020
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Denali National Park is expecting far fewer visitors this summer, which might open options to commercial or private vehicles on the park road.

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The National Park Service has re-opened Denali National Park to visitors. The agency closed the park earlier in April when Alaska’s daily COVID-19 case counts were increasing, and state health mandates limited many activities, including in state travel. 


Apr 29, 2020

04-29-20 6:30 AM newscast

The road into Denali National Park has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 90-mile road is largely snow covered this time of year, and typically only open to vehicles a short distance, but is a popular jumping off point for spring skiing and other recreation. Park spokesperson G.W. Hitchcock says the road’s closure reflects existing state health mandates requiring people stay home, and not travel between communities, except for critical needs.

Denali National Park has not yet decided whether summer visitor access will change due to the coronavirus pandemic. The park service cancelled the Denali climbing season, but in an email, Park spokesperson GW Hitchcock says “The park is not ready to release any updated information regarding its operational posture for the summer season.”

Meanwhile with cruise ships and Alaska Railroad passenger trains paused until July, there’s concern in the Denali Park area that the 600,000 visitors which drive the area’s economy, won’t be showing up this year. 


Apr 9, 2020

04-09-20 7:30 AM newscast

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Wolf sightings hit a record low along the road into Denali National Park this summer, and that’s driving wildlife advocates to push for a halt to wolf hunting and trapping on state lands along Denali’s northeastern boundary, where park road area wolves often roam, and are sometimes killed. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.


Oct 4, 2019

10-04-19 8:30 AM newscast

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Wildlife advocates are again trying to get the state to halt the harvest of wolves along the northeastern boundary of Denali National Park. A petition signed by over 60 people, including members of the group Alaskans for Wildlife, seeks emergency action to protect wolves from being killed in the long contested area. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.