Ed Hopkins

Fairbanks, AK - Three Yukon Quest sled dog teams crossed the finish line over night. But the three mushers have very different feelings about how the race played out for them this year.

When Ed Hopkins arrived for the start of this year’s Yukon Quest, the quiet, easy going Canadian knew he had a competitive dog team. “I’m going to try and giver her,” he smiled. “ ’m just ready for it. I’ve been ready to go a longtime ago.”

Ulsom, Hopkins vie for top five spots

Feb 14, 2015
Julien Schroder / Yukon Quest

  Two teams have been vying for spots in the top five since they left Dawson City, but things change quickly on the Yukon Quest trail. One of those teams is struggling, while the other is carefully picking its way down the trail.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

  Pelly Crossing, YK - The first Yukon Quest musher to arrive in Dawson City is awarded four ounces of gold. This year, it’s valued at six thousands dollars. In order to keep the money, the team also has to finish the race.

Gold or not, mushers have to find a ways to get to Dawson with teams that can still be able to race on the Alaska-side of the trail.

Allen Moore was explaining his race strategy when his alarm went off in the Pelly Crossing Checkpoint. “Uh oh, it’s time to get up. Alright, I’m awake!” he joked.

Extreme cold sets in on Yukon Quest Trail

Feb 8, 2015
Emily Schwing / KUAC

  Braeburn, YK - Frigid weather set in across Canada’s Yukon this week. Mushers who left the start line of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race Saturday were uneasy about a forecast that’s calling for subzero temperatures by the end of the week.

Midday temperatures hovered around 30 degrees below zero, as dog teams left Whitehorse.  But Tagish musher Ed Hopkins didn’t seem to mind.

“I like a challenge, I am built for cold weather, I don’t know I just don’t get cold, so I’m not worried about it,” he said.

Back For More After Nearly a Decade Away

Feb 1, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Whitehorse, YK - This year’s Yukon Quest roster is dominated by veterans, but some of them haven’t run the race since the mid- 1990’s.  They say they're feeling like experienced rookies, but they all have a reason to finish.