Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

Cast of FST’s The Tempest Radio Play

Bruce Rogers as Prospero

Sarah Brewer as Miranda

Allan Hayton as Alonso

Andrew Cassell as Sebastian

Tom Robenolt as Antonio

Jared Olin as Ferdinand

Steve Mitchell as Gonzalo

Dave Fields as Caliban

Nick Nappo as Trinculo

Paul Adasiak as Staphano

Flyn Ludington as Ariel

Sound Design by Flyn Ludington

Tom Robenolt

The Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre "As You Like It" Radio Play cast:

Flyn Ludington - Rosalind
Lauren Mishoe – Celia, Phebe, Audrey
Jarred Olin - Orlando
Bruce Rogers - Jaques
Nick Nappo – Duke Frederick, Duke Senior, Silvius
Luke Williams – Oliver, First Lord of the Forest,
Alex Bengal – Touchstone, Dennis
Allan Hayton – Adam, Corin, Hymen
Tom Robenolt – Charles the Wrestler, Le Beau, Amiens,
Sir Oliver Martext, William, Jaques De Boys
Bryan Witten – Music and Vocals

Alaska Veterans Foundation

Dramatic readings of Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Ajax are being used to bolster suicide prevention training at Ft. Wainwright, as thousands of post soldiers prepare to deloy to Iraq later this month. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.


Jul 26, 2019

07-26-19 6:30 newscast

Mak Landry

Select scenes from the 2019 Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre performed in front of a studio audience at KUAC and lively conversation with actors and directors from all the shows including Much Ado About Nothing, PsychoSarah, Caddy Shakes, Macbeth and the Master Class. 

Stephan Wolfert/Facebook

Army veteran Stephan Wolfert will present “Cry Havoc,” the story of his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder during performances and workshops that begin tonight at Fort Greely and continue into the weekend in Fairbanks. Wolfert’s a classically trained actor who says he found relief from PTSD on stage, especially when performing Shakespeare.

Andrew Cassel

Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre's summer production of one of the Bard's comedic plays "The Merry Wives of Windsor" comes alive in the KUAC studios as they perform select scenes. Get to know the cast and characters from the production.

Mak Landry

Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre celebrates its 25th Anniversary with one of Shakespeare's historic plays "King John". A select scene with a few cast members was central to this performance at the KUAC studios. Listen in for a preview of the production and hear how Shakespeare is done best, live and in the voices of Fairbanks Shakespeare local company.

Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre

Jan 29, 2015
Brady Gross

Tom Robenolt, Allan Hayton, Kat Wodtke and Sarah Mitchell joined Lori Neufeld in the KUAC studio to discuss their partnership on events revolving around the Shakespeare Uncovered Season 2 premiere. The Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre  members talked about the challenges of translating Shakespeare's work into Gwich'in. Mitchell and Wodtke even performed a scene on air from an upcoming performance. There were a few musical performances as well, including a gorgeous Gwich'in traditional and an original by Wodtke called "Corduroy Road."

KUAC's host Lori Neufeld is joined in the studio by Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre's Andrew Cassel and Rebecca George. KUAC and FST are partnering for a series of events surrounding Season 2 of PBS' Shakespeare Uncoverd airing in February on KUAC TV. Music and discussion inspired by Shakespeare, the Gwichi'in inspired Midsummer Night' Dream and Shakespeare Uncovered are all covered.