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Army officials say a military training facility near Fort Greely won’t flood this year with overflow from Jarvis Creek. That’s happened in years past, but experts who’ve been surveying the watershed that drains into the Jarvis say a program to monitor formation of a type of ice called aufeis in the area suggests it won’t cause the creek to overflow its banks this year.

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

The flooding that closed about a mile of Spengler Road near Big Delta earlier this month has begun to recede. And a state Transportation Department spokesperson says repair work on a side road that had washed-out is helping to deflect the rain-swollen Delta River’s floodwaters.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

The state Transportation Department hopes to resume work soon on a dike off the Delta River near Big Delta to divert floodwater that’s flooded nearly a mile of the Old Richardson Highway. No one’s been injured, but the flooding north of Delta Junction has swamped at least a couple of homes and cut off access to several others.

United States Society on Dams

Low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska has been spinning waves of moisture from the east over the Alaska Range into the interior. As of Tuesday Fairbanks had received 2.66 inches of rain so far this month, well above the normal of less than an inch. 


Apr 29, 2020

04-29-20 6:30 AM newscast

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Warm weather has triggered rapid melting of last winter’s above-average snowfall, and that’s caused some serious flooding in communities around the Interior. Delta Junction-area first-responders helped more than 15 families whose homes were flooded. And with even warmer temperatures in the forecast for the coming week, volunteers have begun filling 10-thousand sandbags to divert flooding from Delta-area homes and businesses.

Chena River Breaks Up Downtown

Apr 24, 2020
Eric Muehling

The Chena River broke up in Fairbanks yesterday, and ice jams caused waters to rise. The National Weather Service reported earlier this morning (Friday) that the downtown area jams had cleared overnight. An ice jam on the Salcha River also prompted a flood watch.

Meanwhile, rapid melt off of an above normal


Interior Flooding Begins

Apr 23, 2020
National Weather Service

Rapid melt off of an above-normal snowpack is causing minor flooding around the Interior. National Weather Service meteorologist John Cowan says above normal temperatures over the last week have resulted in significant melting.

It’s looking like Alaska could be in for a rough break up season. Forecasters warn of a dangerous spring on Alaska rivers. 

Chena River Blocked Bank-to-Bank By Logjam

Aug 23, 2019

Update below. 

Fairbanks boaters are being warned away from the Chena River in the city. A logjam has completely filled the river from bank to bank at the Peger Road bridge. Officials are waiting for the river to drop.