Fort Yukon

U.S. Department of Energy

The lights are back on in Fort Yukon, including the Christmas trees, now that three of the village’s four electrical generators are functioning again.
A couple of weeks ago, the holidays didn’t look so happy for the remote Yukon River community, when all but one of its generators broke down. But the community got through by cutting back and helping each other out.
And it all happened just as the utility was planning to build a new powerplant that will reduce their dependence on diesel-fueled generators.

Alaska Solid Waste News

The City of Fort Yukon plans to build a new landfill. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the project is aimed at improving safety and recycling some of the community’s waste stream.

Ice Jam Above Fort Yukon Loosens

May 22, 2013
National Weather Service / NOAA/NWS

Fairbanks, AK - A massive ice jam 12 miles upriver from Fort Yukon partially let loose early this morning.  National Weather Service Hydrologist Ed Plumb says the ice sheet hasn’t broken entirely, but water backed up behind it is starting to move downriver. “With the ice jam partially open and water being released, this is definitely a good situation," explains Plumb, "because now we don’t have water being built up back behind the ice jam so this will lessen the threat of a sudden release of water coming down the Yukon River and water levels rising quickly in Fort Yukon.”

Ice Jam above Fort Yukon Could Mean Disaster

May 21, 2013
National Weather Service / NOAA/NWS

Fairbanks, AK - A massive sheet of winter ice is holding back hundreds of thousands of gallons of silty Yukon River ice roughly 12 miles upriver from Fort Yukon.  Ed Plumb is a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Fairbanks.  “The sheet of ice is acting like dam," says Plumb, "and it’s causing the Yukon River to flood over its banks and flood a large portion of the area upriver from the ice jam so reports are that the water has spread out over several miles on either side of the Yukon river out into the forest and into the flats.”

Middle Yukon River Communities Prep for Floods

May 21, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Fairbanks, AK -  Villages in the middle Yukon River region are bracing for high water and breakup-related flooding as the weather starts to warm in interior Alaska.