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'This Place is on Fire with COVID' - FMH

May 3, 2021
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Medical workers at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital say the hospital’s capacity is being strained by high COVID-19 rates, and the community should be more alarmed. The hospital is receiving a surge in patients from the Fairbanks North Star Borough but also from Delta Junction and those diverted from Bassett Hospital on Fort Wainwright.

Medical executives gave a report to Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation Board on Friday, saying they are demoralized by the lack of community response, even as the disease becomes more preventable.

Fairbanks' First Mass Vaccination Clinic

Jan 14, 2021
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All appointments filled in an hour for Fairbanks' first mass vaccination clinic at the Carlson Center. The Unified Incident Command is clearing the big arena to vaccinate 625 people on Friday and 625 more on Saturday.

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Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Tanana Chiefs Conference both received their first shipments of COVID-19 vaccine yesterday (Wednesday.) The hospital plans to start vaccinating employees today. And TCC plans to begin shots for village health workers and vulnerable elders as soon as logistics can be worked out.

Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association

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Alaska's resident COVID-19 case count has topped 755. There are also two new non-resident cases, bringing that total to 106. Recovered cases are now 475.

Local cases of COVID-19 are also on the rise, including two cases of employees at Tanana Valley Clinic, announced Thursday and a worker at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital announced Friday. The TVC employees were believed to become infected outside of their workplace. Nevertheless, 44 patients of the clinic might have been exposed and were contacted Thursday night and Friday.

The hospital employee was asymptomatic, and reported for testing when she learned she might be in close contact with someone who has the coronavirus disease.

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Representatives from the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Foundation appealed for CARES money from the Borough Assembly at its meeting last night. And the Assembly changed an ordinance to add more money to reimburse health providers for pandemic expenses.

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Last Friday, the first units of donated “convalescent plasma” went to a COVID-19 patient at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. The plasma is a possible treatment for the disease, and the hospital, along with the Blood Bank of Alaska, is part of a nationwide study to see how well it works.

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Health care facilities can open up for non-emergency procedures today… if they are able to test patients for COVID-19 within two days of treating them. The health facilities must also meet increased, sanitation, social distancing and PPE requirements. The State Health Mandate number 15 allows surgeons and dentists to take cases if “their continued delay will have an adverse medical outcome.” But the testing bottleneck could prevent clinics from reopening.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Businesses struggling with the new normal are getting some help from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.  Over the last weeks as the hospital has opened its hotline, many businesses have called in, asking for advice about how to protect their workers and their customers from the COVID-19 disease. Now the hospital has a tool to help

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