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The U.S. Arctic Research Commission set off alarms last week when a staffer inadvertently suggested the agency would halt its Twitter feed. The resulting uproar followed similar backlash over real blackouts at other federal agencies, resulting from a Trump administration gag order on their distribution of climate change information.

A research plan for the peoples of the Arctic …

A new Arctic research plan – same as the old plan …

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There’s growing concern among the scientific community that President-elect Trump will reduce or eliminate support and funding for studying climate change. That includes scientists and researchers who study its impact on the Arctic.

A new member for the Arctic Research Commission ...

U.S. Arctic Research Commission

The United States will take over Friday as chair of the Arctic Council, the international body of representatives from eight nations with territory in the region. U.S. delegates they’ll focus on the impact of climate change on the Arctic and its peoples. And despite divisions between some members, observers say they don't believe council’s work will be disrupted.