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Kinross Gold

The company looking to develop a new gold mine near the Eastern Alaska community of Tetlin says exploration of the site has yielded promising results. Kinross Gold, which bought a majority share of the Peak Gold project last September, is now working with communities that would be affected by the project, if the mine is developed. That includes a sharp increase in truck traffic on two highways between Tetlin and Fairbanks.

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Kinross Gold Mine officials said in an online teleconference Tuesday that work on the company’s gold prospect near Tok will resume early next year. If all goes well, they’ll haul their first load of ore to the company’s mill in Fairbanks in about three years.

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UPDATED: Officials with the Japan-based companies that own the Pogo gold mine northeast of Delta Junction have sold the mine to an Australia-based firm for $260 million.

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Recent exploration around the Pogo Mine near Delta Junction has shown promising evidence of more rich deposits of gold nearby. A Pogo geologist told a group of miners and industry officials Friday that more exploration will be needed before company officials can decide whether to expand the operation and develop the resources. But the officials are excited about the potential.

Bureau of Land Management

The Federal Government has backed down in a long running legal dispute with the State of Alaska over ownership of an eastern interior river. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, state ownership of the Mosquito Fork of the Forty Mile River will open it up to new activity, including mining.

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Lede: Interior miners aren’t happy with changes proposed to federal permits for small scale placer operations that impact water resources, including wetlands. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, dozens attended an Army Corps of Engineers public meeting in Fairbanks this week on the proposals.

A recent sweep by government agents looking for environmental violations at gold mines in the 40 Mile region, has angered locals and Alaska politicians.  As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the governor’s office has ordered an investigation, and area placer miners are organizing to protest the Environmental Protection Agency lead action.