Hans Gatt

Takotna, AK - Iditarod teams remain large.  Most mushers are still running teams of 14 or more dogs. Mushers are surprised at how many dogs fared well through some of the roughest trail they’ve seen in the race’s history.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

McGrath, AK - In the aftermath of Tuesday’s rough run through the Dalzell Gorge and into Nikolai, many Iditarod mushers have had to act fast to change their race plans. 

Mushers Hold Back on Speed

Mar 4, 2014
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Rainy Pass, AK - Iditarod mushers are working hard to hold back teams on what has been an icy, hard packed trail.  A snowless, rocky stretch of trail through a burn will slow them down, but most mushers are riding their brakes.

Teams Take a Beating in the Alaska Range

Mar 4, 2014
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Rainy Pass, AK - Mushers are taking a beating on their way through the Alaska Range as the make their way down the Iditarod Trail.  There are plenty of stories about banged up gear and broken equipment.

There’s a place on the Iditarod trail where the route vanishes over a small cliff, twice. These are the Happy River Steps and they gave DeeDee Jonrowe a bit of a scare this time around. “I don’t enjoy what I just did,” she says grimly.

The Girls Up Front

Feb 9, 2013
Pat Kane / Yukon Quest

Eagle, AK - Only six women signed up to run this year’s Yukon Quest.  Two of them are driving teams in the top ten.  Both teams are running close together, but they’re in the race for very different reasons.

Rookie musher Suzie Rogan never expected she’d be driving a team among the Yukon Quest’s top ten.  “It is a race, but I really didn’t care that much," she says.  "But now I’m in the top ten and I’m thinking 'Oh, maybe I can stay there and see what I can do.'  But for what?  So, that’s how I feel about it,” says Rogan.