Hugh Neff

Julien Schroder / Yukon Quest

  Dawson City, AK - The top Yukon Quest mushers have been arriving in Dawson City all night. The trail to the race’s halfway point has been rough, but mushers know the Alaska side of the trail could be even tougher and there’s plenty more racing to be done.

Eureka musher Brent Sass has a six-hour lead. He also stands to win a little extra prize money. If he crosses the finish line in Fairbanks, Sass will win the Dawson award: four ounces of gold, valued at roughly six thousand dollars. 

Julien Schroder / Yukon Quest

Carmacks, YK - Yukon Quest mushers continue to battle subzero temperatures, but the race is heating up as teams complete the first of four mandatory layovers.  Mushers are trying to decide if they should rest their dogs early or keep moving and try to claim an early lead.

Perhaps it was no surprise Tok musher Hugh Neff arrived in Carmacks ahead of his competitors. In recent years, Neff has pushed his team early. “I just like to be out on the trail by myself, I don’t want to be around hoard of other people,” said Neff.

Mushers Hold Back on Speed

Mar 4, 2014
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Rainy Pass, AK - Iditarod mushers are working hard to hold back teams on what has been an icy, hard packed trail.  A snowless, rocky stretch of trail through a burn will slow them down, but most mushers are riding their brakes.

Sass Still Planning for Iditarod

Feb 11, 2014
Mark Gillet / Yukon Quest

Carmacks, YK - The Yukon Quest Race Organization held a press conference with Brent Sass this morning (Tuesday).  The musher discussed the accident that led to a serious concussion and took him out of this year’s race. The musher was emotional, but he’s confident about his future mushing career.

Another Likely Race to the Finish

Feb 8, 2014
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Pelly Crossing, YK - Yukon Quest front runners only have a few opportunities ahead of them to make some big moves before they reach the finish line near Whitehorse.  Three teams have either chased or run from each other since they left Dawson City, but they’re all sticking to their own race plans.

Front Runners Know the Race Has Only Just Begun

Feb 5, 2014
Tom Barber / Yukon Quest

Dawson City, YK - A blistering pace has dog teams arriving at the half-way point along the Yukon Quest trail roughly 12 hours ahead of schedule. A reroute the eliminated American summit and 50 miles from the trail has contributed to the speed. The trail is also fast this year, but mushers know the race is only just beginning from here.

Mark Gillett / Yukon Quest

Eagle, AK - The top three Yukon Quest teams arrived in Eagle in the wee hours of Monday morning, well ahead of schedule. It was clear as they relayed their tales that teams are starting to strategize as they near the half-way mark in this year’s race.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

Fairbanks, AK - The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog race got underway in Fairbanks Saturday.
18 mushers left the start line headed for Whitehorse.  13 of them are veterans and many of the dogs themselves are also well-experienced when it comes to the Yukon Quest Trail.  Despite ice and a hard trail, they had no problem finding their way to the Two Rivers checkpoint.

Top Four Quest Finishers Plan Long Mushing Careers

Feb 12, 2013
Mark Gillet / Junglemoon Productions/Suitcase Media

Fairbanks, AK - Three of this year’s top four Yukon Quest teams will go on to race in this year’s Iditarod  – Alaska’s “other” long distance sled dog race.  All top four teams are planning long-term Yukon Quest careers for their kennels as well.

Mission Accomplished: Moore Claims Quest Win

Feb 11, 2013
Mark Gillet / Junglemoon Productions/Suitcase Media

Fairbanks, AK - A light snow fell on a small crowd gathered on the Chena River in Fairbanks as Allen Moore’s eleven-dog team pulled the musher across the Yukon Quest finish line early this morning.  The win is fitting after a narrow miss last year.

Moore stepped off his runners, checked in his mandatory gear and greeted his wife, 2000 Yukon Quest champion, Aliy Zirkle. “How you doin’ baby?" she called and leaned in for a kiss. "Fantastic! Ready to do it again,” smiled Moore.