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The National Park Service is rescinding a ban within Alaska’s national preserves on some controversial state-snctioned predator harvests. NPS Alaska spokesperson Pete Christian says although practices like killing bears and wolves in dens, run counter to

Fort Wainwright

Moose-hunting season begins in just over two weeks, and hunters are up in arms over restrictions on access through military-training ranges that will make it hard for them to get back into their favorite camps. Fort Wainwright officials say they’ve tried to accommodate hunters’ concerns. But they say the restrictions are needed because the ranges around Fort Greely will be busy for the next few weeks with Air Force Red Flag training exercises.

Climate change challenging subsistence hunters … 

The health impacts of climate change ...

More than a week after they began an investigation of the killing of four moose that were left unsalvaged in three areas along the Richardson Highway south of Fairbanks last week, Alaska Wildlife Troopers are asking for the public’s help.

Fairbanks, AK - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is considering an option to issue “targeted hunting” permits this winter to take moose that frequent roadways in the Fairbanks area.  Don Young is the area management Biologist.  “There are problem moose in the Fairbanks area," says Young. "We consider them to be a problem if they’re injured and often times when they are injured they do become aggressive and then of course there’s those by the roads," he explains.

State Seeking Information From Dall Sheep Hunters

May 22, 2014
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is working with the state to find out more about Alaska’s Dall sheep. Complaints from hunters and guides have prompted the state to find out whether there is a problem with existing hunting regulations.  

Fairbanks, AK - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has asked bird hunters to hold off for up to two weeks.  While the season for upland game birds looks promising, a late spring means chicks are small and family groups are sticking together later than usual.

Alaska Tracks

Aug 6, 2013
Dan Bross / KUAC

A new book explores the life many come to Alaska for, but few live out.  Alaska Tracks shares the tales of hunters, fishermen and trappers.  KUAC’s Dan Bross has more.