KUAC Newscasts

Fairbanks, AK – Cordova's Belle Mickelson started the 4-H Bluegrass Music camp 10 years ago. The camp has given rise to the nationally successful group Bearfoot Bluegrass and a series of mini camps around Alaska and across the country.

Fairbanks, AK – Senator Lisa Murkowski flew to Fairbanks Monday and got a look at the Wolf Creek Fire near Chena Hot Springs from the air. After flying over the fire and visiting the incident command post for the Boundary Fire, Murkowski says she's amazed at how much work there's still left to do. KUAC'S Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock reports:

Galena, Alaska – The teenagers of the Aniak "Dragonslayers" emergency squad have received national recognition for the life saving work they do. Their leadership was tapped recently to teach kids from other villages gathered for a 3 week summer camp in Galena.

Fairbanks, Alaska – It's rained in many areas of the interior, but not enough has fallen to stop the massive fires still burning in several areas. As KUAC's Dan Bross reports, fire managers are welcoming the break in the hot, dry conditions that allowed the fires to start and grow.

Chena Hot Springs, AK – People living on the Steese Highway recently criticized fire agencies for allowing the fire to grow beyond the point they could control it. The Wolf Creek Fire, near Chena Hot Springs has destroyed more buildings than the Steese Highway Boundary Fire, but at a meeting last night at Chena Hot Springs, people had nothing but good things to say about the fire managers.

Fairbanks, AK – Interagency Fire information officer Wayne Johnson updates the status of interior fires, and how they are being fought in a conversation with KUAC's Dan Bross.

Fairbanks, AK – The tally of cabins and structures burned by fires near Fairbanks has risen to at least six. As Robert Hannon reports, the count could go higher as smoke clears.

Fairbanks, AK – People came from all over the country to celebrate the Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow in Fairbanks, Alaska, last weekend. INN's Nathanael Johnson has the story.

Fairbanks, AK – The Dawson Thirty-One fire was just a half mile from the Yukon river on the Canadian side by Friday. The Deer Creek Fire is just eight miles from town to the East. As residents scramble to prepare their homes for the worst, some voice frustration that tour companies continue to operate as if it's business as usual. Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock has this story:


Firefighters ask Alaska residents honor current evacuation zones. Evacuations remain in effect at Boundary Fire. Everyone can help by honoring the area closure.