Lori Neufeld

American Nomad

Jun 26, 2014
Lori Neufeld

Acoustic duo, American Nomad hails from the Bay Area. Fairbanks born and raised, Shiloh Parkerson and Hassan El-Tayyab found come interests in roots music in the folk-swing tradition and have just released their debut album "Country Mile". Tight harmonies and original tunes abound in this episode.

Alaska Live took up residence in Eduard Zilberkant's office, just down the music wing hall from the KUAC studios to feature a unique Yamaha grand piano, known as a Disklavier. This "modern day player piano" has technology built in that allows the acoustic piano to play notes and operate the pedals without a person operating it. Disklavier specialist Shana Kirk operated the technology and talked about how it is used in classrooms, rehabilitation after injury and sharing compositions through the internet.

Ari Hest

Jun 10, 2014
Emily Berrichoa

Ari Hest was the opener for UAF Summer Session's concert with Judy Collins last year and he really connected with the audience. So much so that he was invited back to headline this year's concert. Hest has a knack for song lyrics and the guitar chops to draw attention and keep it. Songs of social justice, struggle and challenge add to the connection the listener feels when listening to singer/songwriter Ari Hest.

Violinist Franz Felkl

Apr 15, 2014

Franz Felkl is excited about music for violin and looking forward to a concert of hand-picked contemporary music. He shared pieces by J.S. Bach and John Adams. Varied pieces for performance that are short in comparison to classical symphonies are the focus in this episode of Alaska Live.


The International Blues Express members speak the global language of music with dialects ranging from Creole to Malian folk. Hypnotic rhythms drive this set. Interesting background details about songs such as "Hanna" dedicated to the first born in a Malian family in Sidi's tribe shared prior to the performance. The music of this group has traveled far and wide, passed down through generations and is very much alive with the International Blues Express.

Here's a sneak preview of the music and history of this world premiere opera, The Color of Gold. Composer Emerson Eads, librettist Cassandra Tilly and stage director Cindy Oxford joined the principal roles from the Opera Fairbanks production in the KUAC studios. Travel back to the gold rush days and experience the music and a behind the scenes look at this local production, The Color of Gold.

Emily Berriochoa

Cash'd Out

Jan 20, 2014
Steve Hormann

Johnny Cash Tribute band, Cash'd Out stays true to the spirit and sound of Johnny Cash and his touring band. Two founding members of the band visited the KUAC studios. Doug Benson, lead vocalist sings the part of Johnny Cash in Cash'd Out and Kevin Manuel plays electric guitar on stage and in this session was behind the acoustic guitar. The duo performed just a handful of The Man in Black songs they know and Doug even threw in one of his own originals.

Country and roots musicians Jeff Kanzler and Todd Grebe are no strangers to the Alaska music scene. They put together their bands from the best Alaska country and bluegrass musicians for this Alaska Live gig plus more tour stops over the holiday break. All originals in this session from two bands.

Emily Berriochoa

Double Bassist Jon Heintz and violist Trevor Adams are featured in recital at the UAF Davis Concert Hall 11/21

at 7pm. The duet performed pieces from their upcoming recital and gave fascinating pieces of history and background information during this Alaska Live session. Hear solo and duet selections from these talented music students.