Matt Hall

Yukon Quest

02-12-19 1:00 PM Yukon Quest Update

Julien Schroder / Yukon Quest

Pelly Crossing, YK - Along the Yukon Quest trail, Mushers experience all kinds of highs and lows. Sometimes their dog teams cruise. At other times a rough trail and harsh weather can make even the toughest musher question why they signed up for he race.

In the last three days, almost every musher has had something to say about the persistent deep cold that has settled in over the Yukon. “None of us had thermometers with us because none of us wanted thermometers with us,” said musher Matt Hall.

Hall is Quest Rookie of the Year

Feb 11, 2014
Mark Gillet / Yukon Quest

Carmacks, YK - Matt Hall claimed third place and became this year’s Yukon Quest Rookie of the Year Tuesday afternoon.  The 22-year old grew up training dogs in Eagle, Alaska. He says he signed up for this year’s Quest for the experience. “I didn’t go it this race with a schedule of any kind.  I basically figured it out right out of the start chute.”

He says he didn’t decided to start running a competitive race until he reached the halfway point in Dawson City. 

Julian Schroder / Yukon Quest

Carmacks, YK - Sometimes the only way to find out whether you have a competitive dog team is to compete.  As eleven teams continue to make their way toward the finish line at Takhini Hot Springs outside Whitehorse, they’re likely finding out plenty about the dogs on their teams.

Julian Schroder / Yukon Quest

Carmacks, YK - Teams are edging closer to the finish line in this year’s Yukon Quest, but they may not get there without at least a little bit of racing.  Two major runs and a mandatory rest are all that separates Cody Strathe and Matt Hall from the finish line  Takhini Hot Springs.

Camaraderie Drives Mushers and Dogs Toward Dawson

Feb 7, 2014
Mark Gillet / Yukon Quest

Dawson City, YK - Teams arriving in Dawson over the last 24 hours have shared stories from their journey.  The trail from Eagle threw everything from gusting winds to glare ice and blowing snow at sled dogs and mushers.  But one stretch of open water near the Kandic River outside of Eagle complicated Yukon River travel for everyone and forced mushers to work together. 

Emily Schwing / KUAC

Eagle, AK - It doesn’t necessarily take a whole lot of experience to drive a dog team, but in the Yukon Quest, it certainly helps. Mushers are at a point in the race where they’re learning whether they have what it takes to keep their dogs healthy.  Some of them are also learning from their mistakes.

Good mushers are always learning, that’s according to John Schandelmeier. “Yeah, every time you hook up a dog team you learn something," says Schandelmeier. "It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve hooked them up, you learned something.”