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The National Park Service has again extended the public comment period on a proposed sport hunting and trapping regulatory change. The controversial change proposed for Alaska National Preserve lands would allow state permitted practices like bear baiting, using artificial light to kill bears at den sites, killing coyotes during denning season, and killing of swimming caribou. The techniques were banned by the agency in 2015, and then proposed for re-instatement by the Trump administration. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.

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There was a fundraiser in Fairbanks last (Thurs) night for a man whose challenge of federal authority over state waters is headed back to the US Supreme Court. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, John Sturgeon of Anchorage is raising money for what’s expected to settle his long running fight with the National Park Service.

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The National Park Service is out with its annual list of temporary restrictions and rules. The compendiums, which are issued by each park unit, contain continuing and a few new regulations, and as KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, one of the new rules would ban certain types of pack animals


Visitors and staff from a private lodge in Denali National Park, were evacuated by air last night after rain swollen creeks blocked vehicle access near the end of the 92 mile Park Road. Park Service spokes woman Kris Fister says the more than 3 inches of rain that fell in the area overnight Thursday transformed two creek crossings.

"What normally are very small streams that do cross the road, Ureka Creek and Friday creek, something that you could easily walk across became raging torrents," she said.

National Parks Prohibiting UAVs

Jun 25, 2014
Greg Walker / University of Alaska Fairbanks

A new National Park Service policy prohibits the use of unmanned aircraft on parks property. The policy is intended to give the agency time to assess the risks and benefits of allowing UAVs on parks land.

On June 20th, National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis issued a memorandum directing park superintendents to ban the use of unmanned aircraft in national parks. A spokesman for the parks service, Jeffrey Olson, says the unmanned aerial vehicles being used in national parks are primarily owned by hobbyists for recreation.

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Fairbanks, AK - It will be a few months before butterflies flit through the air in Interior Alaska, but the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska Fairbanks was recently filled with them.  The museum is working to catalogue the second-largest collection of Arctic butterflies and moths in the world. It’s the largest private collection of its kind.  Eventually most of the specimens will be passed on to the Smithsonian.

A court decision has re-affirmed National Park Service authority to regulate state owned rivers flowing through federal lands. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the ruling is in a case that spurred public outcry about park service law enforcement.  

National Park Service

Fairbanks, AK - Environmental groups are asking the state and the federal government to exchange or purchase land to create a permanent wildlife buffer along the eastern border of Denali National Park.  The  request comes in response to numbers released by the park service that show a decline in the number of wolves viewed by visitors.  

A federal judge has dismissed complaints challenging National Park Service regulation of  waters inside park boundaries. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, this week’s ruling is the latest volley in a long running battle between the state and federal government. 

State and Feds Continue to Spar over Wildlife Policies

Apr 11, 2013
National Park Service

Fairbanks, AK - The National Park Service released its compendiums for 2013 this week (Monday).  They outline this year’s designations, closures and restrictions for national parks and preserves.   Some of the changes to Alaska’s compendiums this year come in response to state policies regarding predators like wolves and bears.