Roald Amundsen

Telltale signs of indigenous-cultural changes …

An international team of explorers returned last week from a grueling 700-mile dog-sled journey from the Arctic Ocean to Eagle, Alaska. They were the first to re-trace the route that legendary explorer Roald Amundsen took in 1905 after his historic transit of the Northwest Passage.

Fairbanks, AK -  Jumping into the icy waters off the coast of Antarctica isn’t for everyone. But IT IS for open water swimmer, Lynne Cox. “There was a ship load of people there and they were there as tourists and they had no idea why I was there until I did the swim," she laughs as she remembers her swim.  "So it was really funny to come ashore but at the same time there were penguins that came down to the water and jumped in a swam under the boats around me and greeted us as we reached the shore,” she says.