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A large cruise ship to transit the Northwest Passage …

The Pentagon declares climate change a national security threat …

A near-record year for Arctic Ocean sea-ice retreat – and researchers are on site to study why …

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President Obama says time is running short to limit the impact of climate change, and that it’s going to take a unified, global effort to make that happen. He delivered his urgent appeal in a speech at an international climate conference in Anchorage.

It’s a challenge for news media to keep up their reporting on climate change’s impact on the Arctic, because of the pace of change and scientists new findings on, for example, the melting of polar sea ice.

A progress report on the nation’s newest polar research ship...

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Dozens of national experts on ocean policy, research and business gathered at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this week to talk about how climate change is affecting the Arctic Ocean and coastal communities. Members of the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative’s held an Arctic Ocean Leadership Roundtable at UAF to learn about its ongoing Arctic-research resources, and then traveled north to talk with Inuit people to get their perspective on changes they've seen in the region.

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Fairbanks, AK - America’s birds are in trouble. That’s according to two reports out earlier this month from the National Audubon Society and the Department of Interior.  Both documents indicate climate change could have dire effects for many of the birds that migrate to Alaska each year.

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Fairbanks, AK - Alaska’s glaciers are shrinking faster than scientists had thought, but glaciers that terminate in the ocean may be relatively resilient to climate change in comparison to their land-locked counterparts.  The data comes from a multi-year airborne survey conducted by NASA.


NASA is piloting a mission out of Fairbanks with a specialized plane that can fly high enough to test technology destined for satellite applications. KUAC’s Dan Bross has more on the ER2 mission.