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Five Minutes to Better Understand Vetos

Jul 8, 2019

10 days ago Governor Mike Dunleavy issued 168 vetos to items in the state’s operating budget, and 14 more to Mental Health appropriations. Since that time, the news media has reported a lot of information about which parts of the state government are affected, and how grants and private contracts will be cut. It can be pretty confusing if you aren’t familiar with government documents and the state’s website. 


Local legislators heard ideas and indignation about Governor Mike Dunleavy’s proposed state budget on Saturday. Bart LeBon, the representative for House District 1 and Steve Thompson, the rep for House District 2, held a joint constituent meeting at Monroe High School in Fairbanks. Citizens spent more time talking about revenue, but they expressed fear and concerns about new reductions after five years of cuts.


School Board Ponders 234 Jobs Lost

Mar 5, 2019

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is asking for a lot of public engagement this month as it works toward an April 1 deadline to submit a budget for next year. The Board of Education held a worksession last night, the latest in a series of meetings to work on a spending plan shadowed by  anticipated big reductions from both the state and the borough.

Tom Hewitt/KTVF

Gov. Bill Walker says he’s optimistic Alaska’s economy will begin to rebound in 2018. He says there's a good chance that lawmakers will pass measures this year that’ll set the state’s budget on the path to solvency. And he’s downright excited about three promising economic developments that suggest Alaska finally will be able to open more areas to resource extraction and bring those resources to market.

The North Pole City Council is looking at increased sales taxes. Mayor Bryce Ward has proposed the hikes to cover an anticipated $180,000-plus revenue shortfall. The public turned out in opposition to the tax increases at a City Council meeting Monday night. But the council plans to reconsider a revamped version of the mayor’s proposal next week.

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North Pole’s mayor says the City Council is considering hiking sales taxes to cover an estimated $180,000 drop in property-tax revenues caused by the shutdown of the Flint Hills Resources refinery. Ward and Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart heard about other lcommunities' budgets challenges while attending the Alaska Municipal League’s annual local-government conference in Anchorage.