Tanana River

A man is missing after going into the Tanana River after his dog.  Alaska State Troopers report that 22-year-old Alfaz Sajd Khan of Salcha was fishing on the river midday Sunday, when his dog went into the water and he went in to save it.

Troopers say the dog swam back to shore, but Khan went under about 50 yards from shore and was not seen again.

Nenana Ice Classic

KUAC's Dan Bross talks with Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy Climate Specialist Rick Thoman about river ice and break up.

Monica Gray/Alaska State Parks

Donors gave nearly $50,000 to an online fundraiser last month to help pay for a project to prevent the Tanana River from washing away the bank that runs along Big Delta State Historical Park near Delta Junction. Alaska State Parks will use the donations as a match for further fundraising to pay for a bank-stabilization project riverbank to prevent further erosion.

Alaska State Parks

Alaska State Parks has launched an online campaign to help pay for work to protect erosion threatened buildings and artifacts at Big Delta State Historical Park near Delta Junction.

Tom Gorman

Big Delta resident Tom Gorman says a small dam he built earlier this year to protect his home from the meandering Tanana River held steady over the past couple of weeks as the river rose to near-flood level, due to recent rains. Gorman now hopes the river falls quickly enough to allow him to finish work on the dam before snow flies.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Volunteers with State Parks and the Delta Historical Society have removed artifacts from a 110-year-old building at Big Delta State Historical Park. The agencies had planned to wait, to see if the Tanana River washed away more of the riverbank on which the building sits. But Sunday’s move was prompted by concerns over erosion accelerated by recent rains.

Harnessing rivers to generate electricity …

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Alaska State Parks officials have closed a section of trail in Big Delta State Historical Park near Delta Junction, because the Tanana River been cutting sharply into its southern bank where the trail is located. The extreme erosion now threatens a couple of historical cabins within the park. State and local officials are working on a plan to shore up the bank – and to come up with a way to pay for it.

Dam Approved To Save Home

Apr 21, 2016
Tom Gorman

Alaska’s braided rivers are known to change course, sometimes dramatically altering the landscape. An interior resident is experiencing that first hand. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, extreme measures are being taken by a Delta Junction area resident to protect his property from the Tanana River.

Alaska AirSWOT campaign / NASA

NASA has wrapped up an aerial mapping project in interior Alaska. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the space agency funded research tested new water measuring technology on the Tanana River and Yukon Flats.